6 Reasons Why Some Men Hate Independent Women

6 Reasons Why Some Men Hate Independent Women

Gone is the golden age where men were the primary bread earners for the family and women the house makers. Times have changed and roles have seen a considerable change. Women have stepped out and in many cases are superior to their male counterparts. What has not changed is the attitude and thinking of some men who cannot stand women doing better than them. Why is that?

1. It makes them feel inferior

If a guy is around women who are better than him or make more money than him, he feels inferior. He feels he is less capable than women and this mentally upsets him. An inferiority complex is built and he starts hating those women.

2. They feel threatened

If a woman is independent, takes her own decisions and is fully capable of running the house as well as working in the corporate world, some backward thinking men feel threatened. They tend to think that they will lose their power and control because the women are successful in the field of work.

3. They cannot accept orders from women

A male coming from a rigid and orthodox school of thought finds it extremely difficult to agree with and comply with women. Hence if women hold a position of higher authority, such men cannot bear to bend down to them. They find it beneath their dignity to accept orders from women.

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