6 Reasons Why Sexting is a Bad Idea

6 Reasons Why Sexting is a Bad Idea

Sexting has gained a lot of popularity; it’s the new slang for sharing sexual messages, images, and videos and so on. We need to be aware and careful about the consequences of getting involved in sexting. Think carefully before doing anything or else you will regret your actions in the future. Here are 6 reasons why sexting is a bad idea.

1. Sexting could lead to dirty blackmailing after a break up

Once you have sent any kind of content while sexting you have no control over what happens with it next. How much ever you trust your boyfriend you really don’t know what he could do with that content. You have opened the means of circulation of such content yourself.

2. You could get your wires crossed

Imagine a situation where you are sexting your boyfriend, and you send it to your ex, a friend or even a family member. Taking things slow and not telling anyone about your relationship will go for a complete toss and be a cause of embarrassment.

3. You might appear desperate

Sometimes your boyfriend may not be the guy who likes sexting at all. Sending him such messages can send him the wrong signals. He might think that you are resorting to cheap and desperate measures to get him in bed.

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