6 Reasons Why Reading Confession Pages on Facebook is Fun

5 Reasons Why Reading Confession Pages on Facebook is Fun

The recent trend that has hit the online world is that of confession pages on Facebook. Almost every school and college out there has a confession page on the social networking website which allows members to post whatever they want, anonymously. People are spending a lot of time these days and getting a kick out of such pages. If you are wondering what the big deal about these pages is, take a look at these pointers which will give you clarity on exactly why these pages are rocking the net.

1. Knowing other’s views

Through these confession pages, people come to know the different types of point of views of varied kind of people. People have the tendency to surround themselves with like minded people only, and their Facebook friend list consists of such people too. But when you look at a confession page, you get a variety of thoughts, ideas and perspectives which your mind must never have thought of.

2. The thrill of saying anything you want, anonymously

The biggest reason for the success of these pages is the thrill people get out of saying things they wouldn’t dare to say publicly. You realize how bold people can get when hidden under the veil of anonymity. It’s fun to reply to these confessions and take sides. People get all worked up after seeing a war of words ensue between witty people with wittier comebacks.

3. Bizarre stories that make you laugh

There are a number of confessions which are simply weird and bizarre. They make you laugh instantly, as soon as you read them. People like to laugh and fortunately they do that a lot while on these confession pages because there are actually some pretty hilarious confessions posted out there.

4. You can make like minded friends

People like to respond to anonymous confessors who they feel voice thoughts similar to theirs. Other people in turn like comments or reply favorably. Quiet a few friendships have been formed over these Facebook confession pages as they are great platforms to meet like minded individuals and talk about issues freely with them.

5. It’s always good to know who’s crushing on whom

The majority of the confessions on these pages are related to love. People are forever sharing whom they have a crush on, asking out others on dates, asking people for relationship advice and revealing secrets about others’ love lives. It’s like taking a peek into a bag of deepest secrets, and who doesn’t like that?

6. You get entertained by the jokes and witty comments

The best part about the confessions that are done on these pages is the comment section below each of them. It’s fun to see people responding in a witty manner which makes people chuckle over the sarcasm used. A war of words wherein unknown people side with each other by typing out long paragraphs defending their views is quite a sight to see and get entertained by.

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