6 Reasons Why Men Are Intimidated By Beautiful Women

6 Reasons Why Men Are Intimidated By Beautiful Women

A woman, who is considered beautiful, is someone with flawless, lovely features and who has a great sense of style. When a man looks at her, he is immediately attracted to her. Some men are confident and brave. But a regular or shy man may be scared as hell to even approach her. In a typical case, he’ll think it’s best not to approach her. Jotted below are 6 reasons why men are intimidated by beautiful women.

1. They want to avoid bruising their ego

Men are known for their inflated egos. Asking out a beautiful lady holds the risk of being rejected, which will lead to a great deal of embarrassment. Just the thought of hurting his self-image makes a man chuck the thought and instead look at the average looking girl, whom he might have a chance with.

2. They are used to stereotyping beautiful women

A man will often assume that all women who are beautiful are extremely spoilt and will go out only with those who are good looking or those who make big bucks. He is afraid that he may not be able to live up to her standards. This is so untrue. You often see gorgeous women going out with men who are not-so-attractive. That is because most women like men who have a pleasing personality and the guts to ask them out in the first place.

3. They are insecure

If a man is not happy with what he has achieved, he will definitely have low self-esteem. Naturally, this will make him feel insecure around beautiful women, whom he may believe to be way out of his league.

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