6 Reasons Why Infidelity May Lead to Breakup

6 Reasons Why Infidelity May Lead to Breakup

Infidelity or cheating in a relationship can form permanent cracks in the life of a couple. Infidelity is also known to be a common reason for a couple to break up. Here are a few reasons why infidelity may lead to breakup and why you should stay away from it.

1. Infidelity leads to mistrust

Trust becomes most vulnerable when infidelity enters a couple’s relationship. You may never be able to trust your boyfriend again if he has cheated on you, or vice versa. Doubts and suspicion may begin to haunt you at every step. After an incident of cheating, even if your partner steps out for an errand you may begin to doubt his whereabouts. Mistrust in a relationship eventually leads to more complications and to further emotional breakdowns.

2. Infidelity can cause low self esteem

You may start to think about what your partner must have found lacking in you to feel the need to cheat if he has cheated on you. Am I not good looking enough? Am I not romantic enough? Am I not interesting enough? These are the kind of things you may start thinking about. This can lead to a dent in your self esteem. Once this happens you may start becoming unhappy in your relationship. This can be a clear signal of an eventual breakup.

3. Infidelity causes fights about things that you would have never fought for before

When one partner cheats, it damages the foundation of the relationship. The relationship becomes extremely vulnerable even to the smallest of triggers which would have earlier been completely overlooked. You may find yourself fighting with your boyfriend about the most inane things after you have caught him cheating, or vice versa. Multiple fights for unreasonable issues may also lead to a breakup.

4. Infidelity may make you react unreasonably

You are likely to experiences a range of feelings after you catch your partner cheating on you. These feelings could vary between rage, depression, sadness and anxiety. If your guy is the one who has cheated in the relationship, it may make you get into verbal or physical fights with your boyfriend or have extremely depressing thoughts. All these things can complicate your relationship, potentially leading to a breakup.

5. The relationship may become unnecessarily complicated

Infidelity can complicate a relationship beyond expectations. Even the slightest of disagreements may turn into colossal fights and even the slightest argument may turn into an accusation. Once you lose trust in your partner, you may tend to make a mountain out of a mole for everything in your relationship. These complications can get so out of hand, that neither of you may be able to bear its effect on your relationship.

6. Infidelity can make you doubt your partner’s past actions

Infidelity can create ruckus in a relationship. If your partner has cheated, it may make you doubt all his actions and words even before the time he was caught cheating. You may begin to question your boyfriend’s most innocuous action or words that may have nothing to do with infidelity. You may also start wondering if your boyfriend cheated on you many times before but managed to not get caught.

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