6 Reasons Why Having a Pet Doesn’t Prepare You for Parenthood

6 Reasons Why Having a Pet Doesn't Prepare You for Parenthood

Many people believe that if they can nurture a pet, they can most certainly bring up a baby. We beg to differ. Read ahead to know why we believe that having a pet doesn’t prepare you for parenthood.

1. Nothing can ever prepare you for parenthood

The absolute joy and terror of becoming a parent is incomparable to anything else. Caring for another human being can never be made easy. A baby will change your life forever and you will not have an option of saying no.

2. A pet can be left alone

Yes, if you are getting home a puppy, you are not expected to be around it all the time. You can leave it unattended for sometime, though you may need to tie it to a chair. However you can never ever leave a baby unattended. You will need to engage a babysitter or someone else to look after your baby while you are gone.

3. A pet does not cry

A newborn baby will take sometime to adjust to the outside world. While a new pet may moan from time to time, it will settle down sooner or later. But when it is your baby, you will need to cuddle and comfort it whenever it cries. And nothing can prepare you for that. Sleeping will become a distant dream once you have a newborn baby at home.

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