6 Reasons Why Christmas Day is The Best Day of The Year

6 reasons why Christmas day is the best day of the year

The countdown has already begun to Christmas and it is one holiday that most people look forward to. There is something about Christmas that is so magical and dreamy that people expect it with a lot of hope and dreams. It is a festival of love and cheers all around that it actually transcends religious and ethnic boundaries. What also makes Christmas special is the time of the year, when the weather gets all chilly and you would want to cuddle up with some one for the warmth. It is also the last of the holidays in a year and it feels like you have been building up the tempo for a long time and Christmas gives you a reason to release it all. Christmas also comes after some big holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving so the festive cheer is always kept up and kept going for quite some time. Here are more reasons as to why Christmas is the best day of the year.

1.The food

Food during Christmas parties and celebrations always almost tops the feast that you prepare for Thanksgiving. There is just so much to eat and so many things that are brought to your house that it is a dream come true for any foodie. It is a pleasure just to get those Christmassy specials out on the table and tuck into them with relish.


Christmas is a special time for kids who still believe in Santa Claus- the harbinger of gifts and joy. Kids wait with much anticipation and expectation about Santa and his gifts that it is sheer joy to look at their faces when they get their gifts in the morning. Even when you grow out of that phase there is a little place inside of us where we still believe in the magical aspect of Christmas. We stop believing in Santa but still have hope that Christmas would always bring us something special.

3.The joy all around

Christmas is just a happy time for everyone. All you have to do is take a stroll in the street or go to the city square to see people relaxing and walking about with big smiles on their faces. It is also a day when you can expect unexpected kindness from total strangers. You yourself would be tempted to be nice and all smiley to complete strangers on the street. Just the act of wishing someone a merry Christmas is enough to brighten them up.

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