6 Reasons Why Bad Communication Will Destroy Your Relationship

6 Reasons Why Bad Communication Will Destroy Your Relationship

It may not be wrong to say that clear communication is the foundation of a successful relationship. A breakdown in communication can quickly intensify smaller issues and often lead to escalated frustration levels. Under such circumstances both the partners feel hurt and rejected which unnecessarily results in being judgmental and cynical about each other. Inappropriate communication between you and your partner will make resolving any problem in your relationship even more difficult. Read on to know how a bad or a missing communication will hinder your ability to function together.

1. Feeling of loneliness creeps in

Bad communication often results in a feeling of being disconnected. You and your partner start feeling that there exists absolutely no connection between the two of you. In spite of living in the same house, both of you have your separate ways of living which will leave no scope for loving and sharing. Both of you have no idea about what is going on in each other’s life. You and your spouse no more talk about your day in office or about the kids as a result of which loneliness and sadness creep into your relationship.

2. Insecurity aggravates

For a healthy relationship, partners need to constantly reassure each other about how much they love each other and all that they are willing to do in order to maintain their relationship. However, if in case of your relationship, proper communication is what it lacks, then insecurity will make its way, destroying your relationship.

3. Secrecy prevails between the two of you

Inappropriate communication between you and your partner often leads to open discussion and vetting of very few issues and problems. As a result of which most of the issues are not at all discussed by both of you. By default, you both tend to keep secrets from each other.

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