6 Reasons Why a Teenager Runs Away from Home

6 Reasons Why a Teenager Runs Away from Home

Teenage is an age that is tricky and confusing for any teenager. At this age, most teenagers face communication problems with their family. As a result, they even run away from home. So, what are the possible reasons for a teenager to run away from home? Read on to find out.

1. Birth of another child

Most of the teenagers get insecure at birth of a sibling. They might not confess this, but they get jealous of divided attention. Moreover, if they are not able to face the situation, they run away from home to express their pain.

2. Violence or domestic abuse

Majority of teenagers run away from home because of this reason. They get annoyed and helpless looking at domestic violence, so they run away from home. Well, this could be related to physical violence or violence in the family. However, this situation does affect the mind of a teenager.

3. Parents consuming alcohol or drugs

If parents are alcoholic, it does affect a teenager. Many kids run away from their home owing to this reason. They cannot see their parents being alcoholic or taking drugs.

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