6 Reasons Why a Guy Ignores You

6 Reasons Why a Guy Ignores You

Have you come across a situation where a guy who was so totally into you one week ago has suddenly started ignoring you? There was a time when he treated you like you mean the world to him, and then all of a sudden just turns his back away. A scenario where you both were best of friends for a couple of years and then everything changed. Here are reasons that explain their behavior. But remember in most cases the problem is with the boy’s brains, so don’t go finding faults in yourself.

1. You are not his type

After being with you for a couple of weeks or so the guy feels that you are not the type of girl he wants to be with. Does not mean something is wrong with you. To avoid any confrontation and emotional drama the guy simple chooses to avoid you.

2. To get your undivided attention

Well many a times we girls tend to not reciprocate the love and affection the guy shows toward us. We take him for granted just because we know he will always be there. So in order to get our attention they start ignoring us, which by the way works most of the time.

3. Personal problems

Guys find it very difficult to communicate about their own problems. So if they are facing personal problems they simply start ignoring you to avoid any sort of talking. They prefer handling their own issues. Taking help from a girl hurts their male ego.

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