6 Reasons We Love the Big Bang Theory

6 Reasons We Love the Big Bang Theory

A bunch of nerds, not so good looking ones at that, their equally nerdy girlfriends, one very pretty dumb blonde, a lot of stereotypes, not much change in locations but yet so completely funny and hilarious. That is the Big Bang Theory.

1. Sheldon

He is cocky, highly annoying with his attitude and his compulsive disorders, but at the end of the day, he is the character you like the most on the show. He is also cute, unusually caring and comes up with those wisecracks that make u crack up. Jim parsons as Sheldon is funny and also shockingly an amazing revelation.

2. The Dialogues

Everyone on the show has something interesting and funny to mouth. Even if it is raj constantly whispering into his friends’ ear, it is hilarious. It is very smart too, you never know for sure if the dialogues are actually scientifically accurate, but who cares when they are delivered this way.

3. Kelly cuoco as penny

You might think that she is the stereotypical dumb blonde, but she is actually so cute. Ashe stays by her friends no matter how much confusing or irritating they are. Her clothes too, she is so typically attired and there is nothing vulgar about her costumes.

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