6 Reasons to Shop Online this Black Friday

6 Reasons to Shop Online this Black Friday

Come black Friday and there is this huge surge of humanity that wants to shop everything on one single day. It is definitely not a good thing for your health, your ego or your temper to be jostled about and see things disappear in a matter of seconds. This and more reasons are why you should shop online than going out to a store.

1. You should be home on Black Friday

And so do the people who are working in the store. When you are shopping at the store you are robbing them of their time they get to spend with the family. Have a heart for those who have to work because you want to shop and shop online instead.

2. Sales tax

When you shop online, you can save a lot of money that you would be spending on sales tax. It holds true especially if you live in a state like California where the sales tax is extraordinarily high.

3. You get to stay away from the traffic

If most people decide to do the round of the same shops that you want to check on black Friday there is going to be a huge traffic pile up on your route. When you shop online, you not only have to deal with the crowd outside, but can also have a few laughs at the long traffic lines.

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