6 Reasons to Hate Paris Hilton

6 Reasons to Hate Paris Hilton

One of the stars who started the reality television boom, who made a sex tape and turned it into a viable and profitable means to enter the entertainment industry (think of all the money saved on advertising and promotions), a reality star, turned actress, turned entrepreneur who really needs no introduction as she seems to be everywhere. There are so many reasons to hate Paris Hilton, the rich heiress who took television and paparazzi by storm a few years ago and still manages to make news wherever she appears. You hate her because of who she is, of what she does and what you are forced to see.

1. Typical dumb blonde

But she isn’t the airhead or the persona she puts on screen. She is a calculating enterprising business woman who makes millions of dollars selling us that image. Crafty but savvy, the more we laugh at her, the more she laughs her way to the bank. You would hate anyone who makes a fool out of you and makes money out of it.

2. The sex tape

It was a bad one and you hate the fact that she became popular because a badly made home video leaked and paved the way for future endorsements and an acting career that does not deserve much mention.

3. For spawning lookalikes

We would not be looking at eight seasons of Keeping up with the kardashians if it was not for Paris Hilton showing her and many others that the way to stardom was a sex tape and mindless reality TV. Well she was not the sole reason, blame the ever hungry media, TV space and voyeuristic audience, but she started it and you hate her for that.

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