6 Real Life Situations When You Need to Step Back

6 Real Life Situations When You Need to Step Back

Many a times, you may be faced with certain situations where you can either choose to continue what you are doing, or take a step back. The decision however, is not always too easy. We give you a list of real-life situations where the sooner you step back, the better.

1. When your work starts breaking up the family

You might be an extremely career-oriented person but remember that pure professional success will not give you any happiness if you do not have your loved ones to share it with. While playing your role as a wife or a mother, if you feel that your focus on your job is negatively affecting your relations and is causing a rift at home, try taking a step back and think of choosing a different job.

2. When you feel attracted to another man

There are times when even if you are in a happy marriage, you may feel attracted to another guy. It could be someone that you work with or your husband’s friend or someone else. It is extremely essential that you do not let this attraction turn into something more. Step back and try to understand why is it that you are feeling this way. Try to think of all that is good in your marriage and what it is that you are putting at stake if you do not check your behavior.

3. When doing marriage counseling

We often have close friends who come to us for marriage advice. If someone is really unhappy in a marriage, they may ask you for suggestions and help. Be very cautious before telling someone to end a marriage. Know that an advice like this could badly affect your friendship with the person in the near future. So, if ever your friend asks you if she should leave her husband or not, take a step back and refrain from commenting. This is a decision that your friend has to make on her own and take responsibility for it as well.

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