6 Quick Fixes for Skin Emergencies

6 Quick Fixes for Skin Emergencies

All the preparation for your big day can go for a toss at the final few hours or on the final day because you are too stressed out and have a million things on your mind. Your skin decides to wreak havoc at the last minute. Instead of hiding or staying away from appearances, you can always try some of these quick fixes. Here are some of the common skin emergencies we face and the quick fixes for them.

1. Pimples

Do not ever break them. You will just make the problem worse. Use eye drops. This helps take the redness off. Then apply a little foundation and concealer to disguise it. You are good to go.

2. Dry lips

Brush them. Use water or an exfoliating gel to remove the dead skin. Lipstick added after this looks more shiny and prettier.

3. Puffy eyes

Too little sleep, heavy drinking and stressing out can give you those horrible bags under the eyes. Rub an ice cube over it or dunk your eyes in a bowl of ice water as long as you can take it. The puffiness goes down. Use clever makeup to take the attention from your eyes if you are not happy.

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