6 Open Relationship Rules You Must Know

6 Open Relationship Rules You Must Know

Open relationships are those relationships in which both partners mutually allow each other to be simultaneously involved in one or more relationships. This makes infidelity redundant in open marriages. Although such relationships seem highly flexible and adjustable, there are a few ground rules you must set and follow to avoid confusion, jealousy and frustration.

1. Set your boundaries

Although an open relationship sounds loose by definition, being too liberal can cause frustration later. So set some boundaries with your partner which mark out the lines of your comfort zone. Your partner should clearly know what you agree and don’t agree to, and vice versa. This will help you to avoid many unnecessary fights. These boundaries must define what is acceptable and what isn’t.

2. Give your open relationship a trial run

Open relationships sound fancy and luring, but in reality they can be quite bitter. Before you shout out to the world that you are in an open relationship, see if you have what it takes to be in one. Give yourself and your partner a trial run. Come back to each other and talk about your feelings. This will help you decide if an open relationship is worth entering into or not.

3. Avoid involvement with people you both know

Open relationships can get very complicated if you and your partner start getting involved with common friends. Imagine the mess you will face if you find out that your partner was involved with your co-worker. Make it a rule to avoid involvement with common connections so that you save each other from being in awkward situations.

3. Health safety

Since open relationships allow simultaneous physical involvement with more than one partner, risks to health also increase significantly. This is an important issue that you should clarify with your partner before you move ahead in your open relationship. Make it a ground rule that your physical involvement outside will not put each other’s health at risk.

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