6 Myths About Relationships After Forty

6 Myths About Relationships After Forty

They say forty is the new 30, but they also lay down a certain code of living for women above forty. The ‘they’ being the media, the fashion houses, television and popular entertainment. Thanks to the constant onslaught of these in our everyday lives, more people and even women themselves start to believe that some of these myths are actually true and end up messing up their desires their sex lives and eventually their relationship. Here are some relationship myths that are circulating for people over forty.

1. You get into a more mature phase of the relationship as you turn forty

This could be a big relationship killer if you actually believe in it. There always needs to be a bit of childish fun and games in your relationship to make it more entertaining and also keep the spark alive. Being more mature is mostly equated with taking on more responsibilities and leading a more sober existence. The relationship doesn’t automatically have to turn mature, it is a natural process and you don’t have to force it on yourself.

2. You do not have to sex so often and so many times

Forty is just a number and it does not magically alter your libido. Sex is something that can be enjoyed even in your old age and forty is definitely a long way from being ‘old’. Sex also plays an important role in a relationship and denying yourself and your spouse or partner of sex is a sure way to bring tensions into the relationship.

3. The extra pounds at undesirable places make you not so attractive

Women and men gain extra pounds at any age if they do not take proper care of their bodies. It is unfair to beat up yourself over your weight. The key thing to enjoying a great sex life and relationship is being confident about yourself. This confidence also has to reflect on your body.

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