6 Must-Have Fitness Accessories

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Who said you need large extensive home gyms for some great work-out sessions? In fact, with these 6 key accessories you can burn away those excess calories. These are home-fitness tools that can get you on your way. Check them out.

1. Resistance bands

Equally beneficial for both beginners and advanced exercisers who would like to build their muscles, resistance bands come in different colors. You simply need to choose one based on your ability. For starters, a resistance band of medium-strength will be advisable. The bands are easy to be stored and quite handy as well.

2. Stability ball

There is no better way to engage all your muscles at the same time while supporting yourself than lying across a stability ball. It will help you get a well-toned body with clearly-defined abs. Moreover, sitting or lying across the exercise ball is found to alleviate back pain as well.

3. Exercise mat

A proper exercise mat will make it easier and safer for you to practice yoga. It will effectively cushion you from the hard floor and will provide the much-needed support while doing warm-ups and other floor exercises. Exercise mats are available in different shades and you can choose any soothing color that suits your taste.

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