6 Must Follow Fashion Blogs

6 Must Follow Fashion Blogs

Blogs are quite interesting to follow. The best thing about blogs is that they can be about anything. They can be as random as a blog on New York City lights, as common as a photography blog or even a diary. But there are some blogs that devote themselves solely for a purpose and fashion blogs belong to those kind. These blogs offer anything from photo-shoots, the newest rends in fashion, tips on how to be fashionable and more and just like everything else, there are some that stand out and become must follow fashion blogs.

1. Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo is the editor at large for the Japanese Vogue and her blog was created to show the ‘behind the scenes’ of the fashion world. She details the stuff that goes into the making of a fashion magazine and photo-shoots.

2. Face Hunter

This is a fashion blog with a difference. In this blog you don’t get a peek into the high glamorous world of fashion, but get to look at interesting fashion that can be found on the streets from around the world.

3. Man Repeller

This blog was initially started as an experiment to figure out what kind of clothes would repel a man and now has grown into something more of turning dressing into an art form. The author by putting herself in her designs on the blogs had ended up creating a persona.

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