6 Most Popular New Year Resolutions

6 Most Popular New Year Resolutions

Everyone wants to change, reinvent and do something different this year, even turn over a new leaf. However, some resolutions are popularly taken up. Here are 6 most popular New Year resolutions.

1. Be more kind and helpful

You need not blindly help strangers but remember that being kind and helpful begins with deeds at home. Talk politely, tone down on your anger. Hear people out and communicate with them. You always do things for yourself but you also need to take out time and be with other people and do something for people who care about you. Give what you have taken.

2. Practice charity

Doing something beneficial for the community is very important. You live in a society which helps you survive, helps you earn a living. When the community needs you, you should be prepared to help and do your bit.

3. Quit smoking

Smoking kills! You know that but you can’t stop. Its one puff, then a single cigarette and then an entire packet. Every smoke takes you one step closer to death. But with every New Year, you become more determined to quit smoking and start living a clean and healthy life.

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