6 Most Popular Fashion Weeks in the World

6 Most Popular Fashion Weeks in the World

The following list is for ladies who can’t get enough of fashion and are confused which trends to follow as per the various fashion weeks occurring around the world, all year round. Here are the 6 most popular and important international fashion weeks that you ought to catch up on.

1. New York

The hub of fashion for USA, this city can claim to be the birthplace of the phenomenon called as ‘fashion week’ as the very first fashion week in the world was held here in 1943. Thus, it set the trend of fashion weeks all over the planet. Every year, the Crème de la crème of the international swish set accumulate at New York City in February and September to view the grand spring/summer and autumn/winter collections.

2. London

London can easily be termed among the topmost fashionable cities in the world. This is the city where some of the most iconic fashion trends are given birth to, on the runways of the London fashion week. In fact, this was the first fashion week ever to go digital in 2010 and allow mere mortals like us to feel like we are sitting right in the front row by letting designers broadcast it live on the Internet.

3. Milan

The Milan fashion week is one of the most popular and talked bout one in the world. This Italian city is where internationally renowned fashionistas around the world flock at, to view the hottest and most trendsetting styles that will set the mood for the world’s fashion.

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