6 Most Embarrassing Moments During Sex

6 Most Embarrassing Moments During Sex

Sex can be a great experience that makes a woman moan with pleasure. Well, in most cases, at least. But there are moments even during the act of making sex that can embarrass the hell out of us. We have discussed some most embarrassing moments during sex that can happen to any woman.

1. Burping/Farting

You move your lips close to his to plant a perfectly romantic kiss on his lips – but out comes a burp! What can be more embarrassing than this? Well, farting can certainly be. Because sometimes the smell that accompanies the fart makes the burping incident less embarrassing.

2. Queefing

Well, farting during sex is definitely embarrassing, but more embarrassing than that is when it is from your vagina! Expulsion of gas through your vagina when you are at your most intimate with your partner is certainly one of the most embarrassing moments.

3. Calling out the wrong name!

Ok, this may not happen with many women, but when it does, it is certainly very very embarrassing. You may shout out the name of your ex-boyfriend or ex-husband during the penetration. It spoils the sex mood, and is certainly a relationship killer.

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