6 Marriage Tips from the Obamas

6 Marriage Tips from the Obamas

The Obamas being the president and the first lady are the most watched and the most scrutinized couple not only in our country but around the world. It is not only the decisions that they make, but also their sartorial choice, the way they raise their children, the makeup, hair and their relationship that comes under constant criticism and scrutiny. But the marriage has survived his high pressure job and all the troubles that come with the job. The children are also well behaved and have not created any scandals so far. This can be the attributed to the strong marriage that their parents have. The Obamas also come across as one of the most loved up first couples and looking at them it feels natural and not forced. Here are some marriage tips that we can take from the Obamas.

1. Taking time out as a couple

Both of them have had successful careers and still do. In spite of it all, they still manage to take time out as a couple and discuss things. They have made this aspect of their lives very public and give importance to their personal life as much importance they give to the public office the president holds.

2. Supporting each other

What stands out in their pictures and other appearances that they make in the public or with the statements that they make is the support that they show for each other. Looking at them you will know that this is one couple that will stand by each other during all times. Supporting each other is an important as well as integral part of any marriage.

3. Juggling each other’s careers and priorities without sacrificing

Both have demanding jobs that take away much of their time, but they still manage to juggle time very well and they do not sacrifice what they hold dear for each other. This does not cause ill feelings or resentment in each other and that is a secret to the longevity of their marriage. You needn’t have to sacrifice everything to make the spouse happy in a marriage.

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