6 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

6 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Wearing glasses aren’t so bad anymore. With the array of fashionable glasses in the market, you no longer have to look nerdy (although nerdy glasses are the in thing now) or a schoolmistress type. Suitable makeup to go along with your glasses would do wonders for your face. You just have to know the right tricks, the right colors and the right amount of makeup you should wear to complement your glasses and your face.

1. Go heavy on the eyes

Your glasses cover most of your eyes and you want to make sure that they are seen through the lenses. Use mascara, contrary to popular belief, they don’t run and stick to your lenses. Use thick or thin eyeliner depending on the frame of your glasses.

2. Less eyelid makeup

Since your Glasses cover most parts of your eyelids, you really don’t have to worry about wearing any eye shadow. If at all you need to apply makeup there, choose a neutral color that won’t really stand out. Since you are going heavy on the eyes anyway, this would make you look totally made up.

3. Take the attention away from your glasses

If you are not too comfortable wearing glasses or think it does not complement your face, take the attention away from that part of your face by going for bold lip colors. Pink, red and violet are surefire attention grabbers.

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