6 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Modern Family

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The hit show ‘Modern Family’ is much-loved and has won over many hearts. We give you some important life lessons that we can learn from this hilarious series!

1. No family is perfect

‘Modern Family’ is all about embracing all the quirks that your near and dear ones might have and that is what makes a family a great family. All the 3 families that feature on the show are unique and dysfunctional. You have a young woman, Gloria, married to a much older man. Then there is the gay couple, Mitchell and Cameron, with an adopted child. And finally there is Phil and Claire who have their own questionable ways of bringing up their kids. But all these things do not create any rifts between them and they are all one big happy family.

2. Do what you like doing

All the characters in ‘Modern Family’ have different passions. Cam loves being a clown, Phil misses his days as a cheerleader, Claire is a homemaker who goes out of her way to make the society better and Alex is a nerd who also plays in a band. This just goes on to show that you can only find true happiness only if you follow your passions.

3. Wisdom does not always come with age

The adorable character of Manny shows that you can have a sensible head on young shoulders. He is just a kid who has philosophical revelations about life and love and is often able to see things from a very mature perspective. He is simple, direct, courteous, and often seems unattached. It just makes you wonder if wisdom really does come with age or not.

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