6 Interesting Myths About Red Hair

6 Interesting Myths About Red Hair

If you have natural red hair, then you would be amazed to know some interesting myths about red hair. Red hair looks different and beautiful at the same time. The myths on red hair have been talked about since ages. The recent one, being associated with bad luck, is the Denver shootout, where the killer had red hair. Listed here are some of the interesting myths about red hair.

1. Bees sting red hair

This one is a classic myth. It is known that the bee tends to sting women with red hair more than brown hair. There is absolutely no scientific fact related to this myth. If you have red hair, please do not believe this myth, because it is not true at all.

2. Red haired women turn vampire when dead

Most ancient people used to believe a myth that red headed women when dead turned to vampires. There is no truth in this bizarre claim of people. There is no such evidence on the false rumor which started years ago. Do not get scared. Nothing like this would ever happen with anyone. This is a myth that is not true.

3. Red hair means bad luck

In the ancient times, most people believed that red hair is associated with bad luck. In fact, they used to boycott people or women with red hair. They believed that the shadow of red headed person might bring bad luck in your life.

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