6 Good Winter Skin Care Tips

6 good winter skin care tips

In winters, the skin dehydrates and becomes dry. The lack of moisture causes dullness and rashes on the skin. It is important to
keep the skin hydrated and moisturized during winters. You do not need to follow a complete skin care regime for this. By
keeping some simple tips in mind, you will be sorted regarding winter skin care, read on.

1. Moisturize using oil based creams

Moisturize your skin using oil based creams and moisturizers. They nourish the skin and keep the skin hydrated. Look for creams
that are non-clogging. A moisturizer with almond oil or avocado oil can do wonders for skin in winters. Avoid water based moisturizers on the skin in winters, as they tend to clog the pores of the skin.

2. Use a good sunscreen

Sunscreens are a must in winters. The UV rays can harm the skin and cause further dryness. Use a good sunscreen of more than 30
SPF. Look for a sunscreen which also has moisturizing properties for the skin. The more you moisturize the skin, the better it
is for your skin.

3. Concentrate on your diet

A great diet can benefit your skin in winters. Include lots of fluids and liquids in your diet. Have vegetable juices in your
daily diet plan. Include any two portions of green veggies in the diet. Have foods that are high in vitamin C and citrus
content. Those foods are good to maintain the Ph balance of the skin during winters.

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