6 Good Reasons to Forget Old Dreams

6 Good Reasons to Forget Old Dreams

Many people have old dreams that are unfulfilled, because of which a void gets created in their psyches. Such dreams may seem nostalgic on the outside but they have the potential to cause a lot of damage to the subconscious mind from the inside. Here are a few reasons why you should forget old dreams and move on.

1. Emotional baggage

Old dreams often come with a lot of baggage. It can be a dream about a sour friendship, unrequited love, unfulfilled career goals or incomplete personal achievements. Such old dreams can give you a feeling of regret and repentance. Harboring such bitter feelings as emotional baggage in your heart and mind will cause clutter and chaos in your present state of being.

2. Focus on the future

If you keep hanging on to old dreams, you will have no mental space to think about the dreams for your future. You will be so busy regretting your old dreams or basking in their nostalgia, that you will procrastinate putting effort in fulfilling dreams for your future. One of the good reasons to let go of your old dreams is so that you can clear your head and look ahead into the future.

3. Increase self esteem

Do you have many old dreams that have not been fulfilled and have caused you regret and wistfulness? If this is the case then it is likely that the disappointment caused by those unfulfilled dreams have created a dent in your self confidence and self esteem. To get over the regret of unfulfilled dreams, you have to forget your old dreams so that you can see new ones and take steps to achieve them.

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