6 Fun St.Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kids

Fun St.Patrick's Day Crafts For Kids

Kids are never too young to learn about their culture and tradition and even if you are not Irish, it does not hurt for them to know about the significance, tradition and history of another country and its people. St. Patrick’s Day could be a great chance to teach your kids about the day, religion and culture through art and craft projects. You can just about do kind of crafts as long as it is green and has some relation with the celebrations. Here are some fun St. Patrick’s Day crafts for kids.

1. Vegetable sculptures

Go green, literally for St. Patrick’s Day by making some awesome sculptures with Vegetables. You can use green peppers, potatoes and Brussels sprouts to create sculptures, shapes and even prints. If you cook them, you can even make your kids eat some vegetables for a change.

2. Leprechaun costumes

With some clothes, paper , ribbons and glitter, you can even help them make cute little leprechaun costumes. They sure will enjoy making them as much as they enjoy wearing them.

3. Shamrock cutouts

The shamrock or sprigs of clover or trefoil were used by St. Patrick to signify the trinity in Christianity. You can teach your kids and let them make shamrock cutouts either out of cloth or paper. You can then hang them or stick them around the house.

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