6 Fun St.Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Fun St.Patrick's Day Activities for Kids

While you can have fun with drinks and grown up food on St. Patrick’s Day, your kids should not be left out too. Get your kids in the activities on St. Patrick’s Day with some very fun activities. Here are some fun activities you can let your kids do or also join them in the fun.

1. Making crafts

This is one activity that is good for all seasons and holidays and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception. There are so many crafts you can make for this day such as little leprechauns costumes, hats, St. Patrick’s loot buckets, and clover cutouts, Clover prints made out of vegetables, coloring sheets and a lot more.

2. Question and answer time

You can have a question and answer time with your kids with the entire questions centered on St. Patrick’s Day and Ireland. You can also encourage your kids to come up with their own set of questions and do their research.

3. Baking for St. Patrick’s Day

You can ask your kids to help you out in the kitchen while you bake some neat little cookies in the shape of clovers and leprechauns.

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