6 Fun Facts About Santa’s Reindeer

6 Fun Facts About Santa's Reindeer

Of the many images and themes that are associated with Christmas is the image of Santa riding his sleigh and bringing kids gifts. The reindeer too have their own interesting stories and facts behind them although we choose to dwell mostly on Santa Claus and his gifts. Here are some fun facts about Santa’s reindeer.

1. The reindeer actually have names

The names are from the poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, otherwise known as “The Night before Christmas,” This was written by in 1823 by Clement Moore. The names are mostly masculine like Blitzer, comet and cupid.

2. The reindeer are all female

In spite of having male sounding names, it is interesting to note that all of Santa’s reindeer s are females. Since the males shed their antlers around this time of the year, they can only be females which are riding the sleigh.

3. How Rudolph became the chosen one

Rudolph was in fact a social outcast because of his red nose. But Santa found his red nose to be useful as a lamp and had him ride his sleigh instead. And Rudolph has since been Santa’s most favorite reindeer.

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