6 Fun Activities to Do With Your Pet Dog

6 Fun Activities to Do With Your Pet Dog

It is always a delight to be in the company of your pet. They add a meaning and fun element to life. If you feel guilty about having kept them alone at home while you work or party outside, you could follow these pointers and enjoy some fun activities with your pet dog during weekends.

1. Playing with a Frisbee

You could play Fetch which is the most popular game to play with a dog. Most dogs are curious by nature and if their master throws something, they would run like crazy to retrieve it and give it back. A Frisbee works best because big dogs love to leap in the air and grab it. If you don’t have one, you could throw a toy or a ball as well. Not only is this a great exercise for your dog, it is also a fun bonding experience for the both of you.

2. Register with a canine club

Most cities and towns have a canine club which organizes parties, events, competitions, picnics, trips and overnight camping for pets and their owners. You could simply pay a nominal fee and enjoy time with your dog. Your dog would make friends with other dogs and you could do the same with their owners.

3. Take it to a dog park

The simplest and most basic thing to do in order to have fun with your canine friend is to take it for a walk in the local dog park. Besides being a good cardio exercise for you and your pet, a walk gives it fresh air, change of environment, opportunity to meet other dogs and a positive, relaxed frame of mind.

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