6 Foods to Feed Your Baby

6 Foods to Feed Your Baby

Feeding a baby and getting the baby used to a routine is probably the most difficult thing every new mother goes through after the birth of a child. You are always at a loss as to what you can feed the bay and the appropriate amounts. If your baby has stomach aches and diarrhea you would also not know if it is the food you gave or soothing else. Things become complicated if you cannot breast feed your baby for whatever reasons. You also have to find out if your baby is lactose intolerant. IN spite of all these problems, feeding a baby is not so nightmarish. If you get a routine going, you should be good for a while. Here are some foods to feed your baby.

1. Mashed vegetables

This is not a good time to go with fibrous foods. Choose vegetables that have less fiber in them that can be easily digested by the kid. Do not try to flavor the food as it wouldn’t matter much to the baby and any new spices may upset the baby’s sensitive stomach linings. Boil the vegetables well and mash them before you give it. Carrots are a good option. Beans are good too for their protein content.

2. Plain cookies made into a paste with milk

Get plain cookies, the ones that do not have any filling or chocolate chips. Mash them into a nice paste with some milk. Adding it in warm milk would make it easier to mash. Give it to the baby when the temperature is right. Bread and milk is also a good food option for a baby.

3. Baked and mashed apples

Peel the apple, bake it thoroughly and mash it into a pulp. Make sure that you get the skin off as babies can choke on the skin. The seeds should also be removed before you mash up the apple. You can also try other fruits that do not have anything that can make your baby choke. Just keep in mind that your baby can’t chew yet and it will practically swallow everything you give it.

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