6 Fashion Faux Pas that You Shouldn’t Make at Work

6 Fashion Faux Pas that You Shouldn’t Make at Work

What are the common fashion mistakes made by women at work? What are the common fashion faux pas made by women in office? Find out and avoid the same when you go to your workplace.

1. Wear makeup but don’t go overboard

Use makeup subtly when you dress for work. Don’t use any dramatic eye shadow, rouge, lip color, nail paint or other makeup items that look out of place. Use of shimmer should also be avoided. If you are not sure of which color to use, select matte shades and nude makeup palettes to be on the safe side. The key to using makeup while dressing for work is to keep your look neat and professional. Don’t go overboard by using glossy colors or excessive usage of products, as if you are dressing up for a party. Style your hair and if it is unmanageable, pull it back in a tidy bun.

2. Don’t wear tops with deep cleavage

Wearing a top that reveals deep cleavage can be damaging to your professional image. A top with a deep cut can be considered unfit for a professional or business environment. It can send the wrong message to your boss, colleagues, or subordinates. There is nothing wrong with flaunting your fashion and style statement, but you can do it with tops or shirts which don’t show deep cleavage.

3. Avoid wearing sandals and never wear flip-flops

No matter how much your feet hurt, wear shoes that are fit for formal attire. You can wear classy formal heels or formal flats but don’t make the mistake of wearing strappy sandals or any other footwear that looks unprofessional. If you don’t like hih heels, wear shoes with a moderate heel that is comfortable and professional at the same time.

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