6 Eyeliner Tricks to Make Eyes Appear Smaller

Eyeliner Tricks to Make Eyes Appear Smaller

Do you want your eyes to look bigger? Eye makeup can be done very creatively with different shades and blends and give you a completely revived image. It can make you look whacky or subdued. It attributes a quality to your facial features. Eye makeup effectively helps accentuate your eyes and give them the desired look. So, if you want a different look to make your eyes look bigger, here are 5 eye liner tricks for small eyes.

1. Use a kohl or pencil

Eye pencil is not wet or smudgy and does not powder easily. The effect is long lasting. Give two bold lines from the inside corner to the outer edge with a pencil color that sharply contrasts with your skin tone. Thick strokes and bold colors will help your eyes look bigger.

2. Smoky eye effect

Although, you wear smoky eyes for a party, you must know that it not only makes you look sexy and sensuous but if blended well up to the outer edges, it lends a sense of magnanimity.

3. Use mascara

Eyes wide open fits perfectly when you think of mascara. A liquid mascara to help curl your eye lashes helps you get the wide eyed effect. It lends a graceful appearance and also makes your eyes look bigger.

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