6 Extravagant Date Ideas

6 Extravagant Date Ideas

Your search for extravagant date ideas ends here. If you want to make your date memorable by keeping it expensive, lavish and stylish, here are a few things that you can do.

1. Hire a yacht

Hiring a yacht is one of the most lavish things that you can do for a date. Hiring yachts are expensive but they are exclusive too. You can have the whole yacht all to yourself and spend time with your date against the romantic backdrop of the setting sun. You can also ask for dinner and drinks to be arranged on the yacht along with some music. A date on a yacht is not possible for everyone to experience because it is very expensive. So if your guy can afford it, go for it.

2. Go for wine tasting

Wine tasting is a fun activity because it includes a road trip to the vineyard, a tour of the winery, grape crushing, cheese tasting and wine sampling among many other fun and romantic activities. You may also get a chance to sample local produce that is available at the winery’s restaurant. You can make your date extravagant by sampling expensive wines with your loved one and buying boutique wine labels for each other. Add that extra touch of grandeur to your date by buying each other a vintage bottle.

3. Travel to Vegas or Paris for a weekend

If you are looking for a date idea and you have lots of money to spare, you should go to a place like Vegas or Paris. Pick the location according to the size of your wallet. Fly off to the destination of your choice, go shopping, eat at local restaurants and visit the famous sights of that place. Doing all this is enough to make your date very extravagant.

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