6 Exercises to Improve Your Core Strength

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Wake up! Tell yourself that I want to be fit. You may not necessarily yearn for a six pack abdomen but you need to run around and do many errands like picking up your toddler, or cleaning the house and the garden or even clearing the snow! We all need a healthy core. Our abdomen and back muscles need exercise to be healthy and strong. We need to be fit even if we have to drive a car or fill a bottle of water. According to fitness experts, our body needs a workout at least 4 days a week. Here are some easy exercises that can help you improve your core strength.

1. Knee fold tuck

It is better if you do this exercise with a playground plastic ball. Sit straight on the floor with your knees bent. Keep the ball between them. Keep your hands on the floor. Now raise the knees with or without the ball. Initially do this very slowly with the support of your hands and then leave the hands. All your weight should be borne by your lower back. Now slowly come back to the normal position. Start this exercise with only 5 counts and slowly you can go up to 20 counts a day. This keeps your abdomen muscles strong.

2. Rope climbing

Sit on the floor and keep your legs in a V position. Keep your toes pointed. Now with your arms bent between the V of your legs, press your stomach muscles. This must be done very slowly. Now raise your hands as if you are climbing a rope. This will take care of your back muscles. Now again go back slowly to your normal position. Do this at least 20 times a day.

3. Side balance crunch

Keep your left knee and left hand on the floor. Extend your right leg to have the body in a straight line and raise your right arm. Pull the right knee towards the torso and the right elbow towards the knee. You can repeat this 10 times and then change the side.

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