6 Everyday Things to Treat Acne

6 Everyday Things to Treat Acne

Many women face the problem of acne breakouts which are known to occur because oily skin combines with dead skin cells which block hair follicles. Bacteria start developing under these follicles and eventually break out as acne on skin. Here are a few everyday remedies that you can use to control your acne.

1. Increase Vitamin A rich foods in your diet

Changing your diet to increase Vitamin A in your body is something that you can do on a daily basis to get rid of acne. Vitamin A is known to boost skin health and control acne and other skin blemishes like blackheads or pimples. Include Vitamin A rich foods like leafy vegetables, fish, cereals, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers, cantaloupe and dairy products in your daily diet.

2. Exfoliation and face cleansing

Since acne occurs because of oily skin and dead skin cells that pile up on the skin tissue, you can easily prevent such a bacterial build up by exfoliating regularly. Go to the salon for a deep skin cleansing facial or exfoliate at home by rubbing a face wash with granules in circular motions on your face. Doing this on a regular basis may ensure that your skin remains bacteria and acne free.

3. Change your face napkins and pillow cover daily

If you use the same face napkin or pillow cover every day, your face is likely to roll over in the same pool of bacteria and oil that your skin has left on your linen since the previous time you used it. Use disposable face wipes and throw your pillow covers for a wash regularly. Taking care of small things like this may help in reducing acne.

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