6 Easy Ways to Keep Updating Your Wardrobe

6 Easy Ways to Keep Updating Your Wardrobe

From leafy outfits designed by our forefathers Adam and Eve, to current day’s designer wear, the journey of fashion world has a long tale to tell. Fashion is all about looking good, and who does not want to look good. But keeping upbeat with current style can become an expensive affair because trends change every season! So while you try hard to keep pace with the ever changing fashion, we have some tips to help you keep updating your wardrobe.

1. Repeat the trend, but with a twist

Trends follow a cycle; the fashion of yesteryear returns after a while, with a slight twist. So keep the clothes rolling, but with a slight twist.

2. Flaunt clever accessories

When you don’t want to change the clothes section of your wardrobe, think of investing on accessories. Have a collection of large beads and delicate jewelry to match the trend of the season. When your clothing for the day is not very special, make sure the accessories are. This will shift the attention from your clothes to your accessories and you will still be the style icon of your group.

3. Belt it up

On a regular day at workplace, all you wear is a skirt and blouse? Think of belting it up. Change the look of your regular office wear with some trendy belts; these can be elastic (to accentuate your curve), broad or slender. All you need is an eye catching buckle that stands out from the rest of the garment. Couple this up with a stylish cravat or a scarf and you may just be the trend setter at your workplace.

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