6 Disadvantages of Maintaining a Personal Journal

6 Disadvantages of Maintaining a Personal Journal

Many people maintain a personal journal, popularly known as a diary, to jot down their thoughts and day-to-day experiences. The pros of keeping a personal journal have been widely discussed but the cons have hardly ever been highlighted. So here are a few disadvantages of this worldwide practice.

1. No stress to memorize

People say that maintaining a personal journal will keep memories alive and fresh amid the pages of the book so that you can relive them anytime you want. However, what they overlook is the fact that if people start depending on a diary to memorize things for them, they will hardly ever take the effort to remember them in their head. The need to remember will be a thing of the past, an obvious consequence of a dependent habit.

2. Anyone can get their hands on it

The biggest fear for anyone who has ever maintained a personal diary is someone getting their hands on it and invading their private space. This is the main disadvantage of jotting down thoughts and emotions in a book. What if someone were to read it, or horror of horrors, show it to everyone else and make matters really bad?

3. Waste of paper

Keeping a journal for every day that one lives will equal billions of pages in their lifetime. In this day and age when global warming is alarmingly high and efforts are being made to save forest cover as much as possible, maintaining a journal can be a waste of valuable natural resources contributing to environmental destruction.

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