6 Dangers of a One Night Stand

6 Dangers of a One Night Stand

A mysterious sexual partner can be fun and exciting. But when the consequences hit you, you will only be filled with regret. Here are the 6 dangers of a one night stand.

1. You may contract sexually transmitted diseases

Being involved in a one night stand, you are not aware about the sexual history of your partner. He is a strange man who you have absolutely no idea about. This could lead you into trouble in terms of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

2. It makes you emotionally vulnerable

You need to understand what kind of person you are before you tread on this path. Sometimes many women do it out of revenge, loneliness or sexual dissatisfaction. You may not be the kind who is accustomed to having a one night stand; hence it leaves you with an emotional dissatisfaction and expectations.

3. It tends to make you feel depressed and more lonely

Sexual hangover can be very taxing. It might leave you depressed and anxious. You might even feel guilty thinking you should not be stooping to such levels or put yourself out to seek sexual satisfaction. A pleasant taste is not what you are left with all the time.

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