6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Job Interviews

4. Forgetting stuff

If you have been told to get certain things and documents with you, then make sure you note them down and check whether you have all of them before embarking for the interview. Check and double check, because it leaves a poor impression on your interviewers about you, since you come across as an unreliable and disorganized woman.

5. Being negative about previous job

When asked about why you left your previous job, a question that every company will ask, don’t be negative. Don’t go into details about how bad the company and its people were. This will only project you in a negative light, and the prospective company will feel like the problem actually lies with you, and not your previous company.

6. Not being open enough

You should come across as a person who is up for most things required of you by the company. Don’t appear restricted by telling them beforehand upfront, what you can and can’t do. For example, don’t say things like, “Hope this job doesn’t involve this dress code, way of working, time limits, rules, etc, as I’m not going to be comfortable with it”. Always tell them that you are not really comfortable, but are willing to try your best to make it work. This makes it sound positive.

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