6 Colors and How They Affect Your Mood

5 Colors and How They Affect Your Mood

Different people like different colors. One person’s favorite color may be just a second option for another person. According to some scientists, every color transmits a unique message to your brain and this ultimately impacts your mood. Listed here are different colors which affect your mood in different ways.

1. Yellow

Yellow is a rejuvenating color which can lift your mood to a great extent. This is a reflective and sunny color that helps you feel positive and optimistic. It balances your mind and keeps your mood chirpy all day.

2. Red

Red is considered to be a stimulating and energizing color. This color enhances self-assurance and increases your appetite. A red dress can give you a lot of confidence. This is a dynamic color which can produce an illusion of fantasy. It may make you feel powerful and dominating. Along with this, red is considered as the color of love. It makes you passionate inside the bedroom.

3. Orange

Orange is also considered as the color of love. This color is fun and really impactful. It can actually lift your love life. Orange color helps you feel bold and distinct. This high energy color allows you to feel different in the crowd. It may make you feel happier. Orange is actually considered as an antidepressant color.

4. Green

Green color helps you feel more relaxed. It pleases your eyes and restores your energy. Green color is often used as the wall color for classrooms because it acts as a stress buster. Green color brings a feeling of tranquilty. It is symbol of hope, loyalty and unity. Green color may make you feel kinder.

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