6 Cheap Places to Eat in Las Vegas

6 Cheap Places to Eat in Las Vegas

Las Vegas -the sin city, synonymous with decadence, fun, glamour, lights and much more. It is the gambler’s mecca, with thousands of casinos vying for your attention. Apart from the casinos are the hotels, the shows and various other attractions you want to indulge in when you are in Las Vegas. No many places where you can scrimp when you are there, but you can still save money on your food and eat well too. Here are a few things you can eat and a few places you can visit to cut down the costs on your food while in Las Vegas.

1. Buffets

Most hotels have a priced down buffet. These are places where you can eat a lot. A lot of quality food for a fraction of the price you would be spending in restaurants, so choose a good buffet and tuck in to your heart’s content.

2. McDonalds

The ubiquitous McDonalds are here too. You can find over 20 places in the strip alone. They are not expensive and fill up your stomach real fast.

3. In-N-out Burgers

What better to bite than a juicy burger when you are visiting the various casinos and don not have enough time to stop and have a proper meal? There are over 10 In-N-Out burger places in Las Vegas.

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