6 Characteristics of Introverts

6 Characteristics of Introverts

Different people have different characteristics and that is what sets us apart. If you have a friend or a family member who you think is overtly quiet, is not very outspoken and basically not a go-getter, he/she may be an introvert, and there is nothing wrong with that. They will achieve what they want in life in their own way and nothing is going to stop them or hinder their path towards evolution! But how would you know if the person you are so concerned about is an introvert or not? Listed below are the top 6 characteristics of introverts which will help you identify them.

1. They have few friends

They may have many friends on the go, but a very few of them are close friends. They do not interact with many people and thus have a very few friends. It is not that they do not trust other people much or that they have any problem with those they do not talk to. It is just their nature and they talk to people only if they have a reason to do so. They are not much into small talk.

2. They talk rarely

They are generally quiet by nature. And it is a myth that they do not like to talk. They do not talk when they find it inconsequential. They do not talk for the sake of talking. Therefore, you would find them talking rarely and when they talk, they surely do make a point or at least they do not talk nonsense.

3. They are easily embarrassed

They are very anxious about their image in public and are easily mortified if they make any mistake in the presence of many people. Due to this reason, they mostly shy away from speaking in public or doing anything that attracts a lot of attention and thus come across as timid.

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