6 Best Compliments to Give Women

6 Best Compliments to Give Women

Who says that women cannot compliment other women? If you like another woman’s style, attitude or personality traits, feel free to compliment her. Here are some of the best compliments that you can give another woman to make her feel nice.

1. Where did you get that chic haircut?

It is common for women to compliment other women on their hairdos. If you don’t want to tell another woman directly that you like her hairdo, you can disguise your compliment as a question. Ask her the details of the salon from where she got such an awesome hairdo. She will get the message that you loved her haircut and this will put a smile on her face.

2. What a lovely dress you are wearing

It is a wrong notion that women don’t compliment other women on their sense of style and dressing. It is not necessary for all women to be jealous of each other as far their looks are concerned. One of the compliments you can give another lady is to tell her that she is wearing a lovely dress and that it brings out her best features. You can similarly compliment a woman on her shoes, bag, watch and other accessories too.

3. Your kids are lucky to have a mom like you

Complimenting a woman on her parenting skills by telling her that she is an awesome mother will instantly make her happy. Women who have kids are likely to be dealing with a good amount of stress in their daily lives. So when a compliment on her parenting skills comes along, she may feel very blessed. If you come across a woman who is a lovely mother or a lady who balances work and personal life effortlessly, you should give her such a compliment.

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