6 Benefits of Butter

6 Benefits of Butter

If every time you get tempted on seeing butter, then you should know about its health benefits. Contrary to belief, butter has many benefits. If you think, it is only a fattening agent, which is used in junk food, then think again. Well, yummy butter is sure fattening, but it is also good for your body. Let us look at some benefits of butter just for you.

1. It prevents fungal infections

You heard it right; butter is rich in lauric acid, which helps to prevent the body against fungal infections. Butter also prevents against infections like candida and ringworm. Therefore, having butter in moderate quantity is not going to harm you.

2. It is rich in vitamin A

Natural butter is rich in vitamin A. Thus, it is good for vision. Having butter in its natural form prevents against thyroid diseases. If you suffer from hormonal imbalance, then having butter might help you.

3. It is good for skin

You might be amazed to know, but butter is good for your skin. The fat present in butter helps to make your skin smooth and soft. In fact, it also prevents against skin conditions like acne and blemishes.

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