6 Beauty Supplements

6 Beauty Supplements

You may wonder why you need beauty supplements when you have a perfect diet and also exercise regularly. Add makeup to it and the thought of having a beauty supplement would sound like a waste of money and time. Having beauty supplements is just not a marketing gimmick, sometimes we need to take those extra supplements to maintain what we have. Your diet cannot be perfect all the time. Travel, stress and other reasons can make you eat more or less and your balanced diet may go for a toss. The same can be said of exercise. It is in these cases and other times when you are someone who cares less about diets and exercise that beauty supplements becomes important. Here are some supplements you can take that can do wonders for your hair, nails, skin and much more.

1. Biotin

Biotin is nothing but Vitamin H. A healthy supplement of biotin in your diet helps in a better growth of your hair and nails. It makes brittle nails become strong and smooth and makes hair grow thicker. The good news is that you need only miniscule amounts to get this effect. It is also not available a lot, so it reduces the risk of overdoing it.

2. Vitamin D

You can get naturally from sunlight, but you will also get sun rashes, wrinkles and sunspots along with it. The best way to get that extra vitamin D your body needs is to go for supplements. Vitamin D helps you in getting that younger looking skin you had always dreamed of.

3. Probiotics

Probiotics help in giving you a blemish free skin. It helps especially if you are acne prone. Just make sure that you but a product that is reliable and is of high quality and make sure to check the expiration date before using it.

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