6 Apps to Help You Get Through a Breakup

6 Apps to Help You Get Through a Breakup

If you have had a terrible breakup and don’t have anyone or anywhere to go to, do not despair. For there are apps that are designed especially to help you get over that bad breaking up. Together with apps there are many websites and online forums too that can help you get over a breakup smoothly. Here are some apps you need to check out in case you are heading for a break up or already reeling over one.

1. Never Liked it Anyway

There has never been such an apt name. You don’t have your boyfriend in your life anymore but are saddled with his stuff or the stuff he gave you? Instead of throwing them away, you can sell it here and make money to get better things. Revenge and profit at the same place.

2. Daily burn tracker

This app keeps track of your calorie intake every day and gives additional tips on health, exercise and nutrition. It probably does a better job of taking care of your needs than you ex probably ever did. It is also a good app that helps you get back to a great shape. What better revenge than looking better.

3. Ex app

Helps you block the number and other contact details of your ex. You can’t send those embarrassing, impulsive ‘am so lonely and heartbroken’ messages anymore. If ever at a later time, you do get back on good terms, you still have his number.

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