6 Amazing Healthy Snack Options

6 Amazing Healthy Snack Options

You never know when you would get that craving to eat something. And if we were to eat or nibble at a snack every time we get a craving it is going to make us put a lot of weight. We either avoid snacking a lot or we should snack healthy. This makes sense especially when we get those midnight and mid-afternoon food cravings, after which we are going to be mostly sedentary and there is not a lot of ways to burn those extra calories off. A snack when it is healthy and when eaten at regular intervals is also a great way to keep your weight in check and get all the requisite nutrients. It especially helps women who come home tired after a long day of work and kids after school. Here are a few healthy snack options.

1. Sliced tomatoes

You can either have them raw without adding anything to it, or make it into a salad by adding feta and olive oil. To keep it really simple and tasty, you just need to add a little bit of salt and pepper. This is a great snack option as you get vitamins, water, a full stomach and also a great healthy snack.

2. Banana

It is a powerhouse of potassium and just the things to eat when your energy levels are reaching a low during the day. They are easily digestible, tasty and also give you instant energy. It is also easy to carry and involves no preparation to eat and that makes it a great option as a snack.

3. Yoghurt

Be it natural or flavored, yoghurt is also a good thing to snack on. If you do not like eating plain yoghurt you can make a shake out of it by adding water and sugar to it, or just add salt and a bit of ginger to it. The salt ginger mixed yoghurt also helps you with digestive troubles.

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